Endorsement Specifications: Vegetable Based Foods

GIName of product / foodGLUnitMass (g)Comments
Potato, mashed, microwaved, roasted and salad. See STARCHES.
Sweet corn, fresh, frozen or tinned, cooked. See STARCHES.
Sweet potato, orange or white flesh, baked or cooked. See STARCHES.
Vegetable soups. See MEALS.
LowBraai relish, tinned, Miami<51/4 tin100Low glycemic response; calculated GL
LowTomato and onion mix, gourmet, tinned, Miami<51/4 tin100Low glycemic response; calculated GLGF
LowTomato, fresh<51 medium120GF
LowCarrots, raw<52 carrots120Romanian GI GF
LowAsparagus fresh and tinned<58 spears200Estimated GIGF
LowCelery<51 stick40Estimated GIGF
LowCucumber <51/4 English125Estimated GIGF
LowLettuce, shredded<51 cup80Estimated GIGF
LowMushrooms, Denny (and others)<51 cup70Estimated GI; GIFSA & DSAGF
LowPeppers, green, yellow, red, sweet<5half80Estimated GIGF
LowRadishes<55100Estimated GIGF
LowRocket leaves<5One handful20Estimated GIGF
LowSauerkraut<51/2 cup100Estimated GIGF
LowPickles<51 medium20Calculated GI GF
LowPeppers, Jalapeno or Mediterranean<55 peppers50Calculated GI GF
LowAubergines<51 medium250Estimated GIGF
LowBaby marrows<53120Estimated GIGF
LowBrinjals<51 medium250Estimated GIGF
LowBroccoli<51 cup100Estimated GIGF
LowBrussel sprouts<51 cup100Estimated GIGF
LowCabbage, shredded<51 cup80Estimated GIGF
LowCauliflower <51 cup100Estimated GIGF
LowCourgettes<53120Estimated GIGF
LowEggplant<51 medium250Estimated GIGF
LowGem squash<5180Estimated GIGF
LowKohlrabi<51/2 cup100Estimated GIGF
LowMarrows, baby<51/2 cup100Estimated GIGF
LowOkra (bhindi)<5375Estimated GIGF
LowOnions, cooked<51/2 medium75Estimated GIGF
LowPatty pans<54100Estimated GIGF
LowSalad, tossed (lettuce, tomato, pepper, carrot), no dressing<51 cup100Estimated GIGF
LowSpinach, creamed (with cream)**<51/2 cup90Estimated GI; high fatGF
LowSpinach or Swiss chard, cooked<51/2 cup110Estimated GIGF
LowSpring onions<54 spr. onions12Estimated GIGF
LowZucchini<53120Estimated GIGF
LowArtichokes<5190Estimated GIGF
LowColeslaw, commercial***<101/2 cup150Estimated GI; very high fat
LowGreen beans, cooked<51/2 cup85GF
LowLeeks<5160Estimated GIGF
LowSpinach, creamed (with white sauce)*<51/2 cup90Estimated GI
LowWaterblommetjies<51 cup100Estimated GIGF
LowPeas, green, fresh or frozen, cooked<51/2 cup90Canadian GIGF
LowBeetroot salad <51/2 cup100Estimated GIGF
LowPeas and carrots, cooked<51/2 cup85Calculated GIGF
LowButternut, cooked<51/2 cup105Australian GIGF
LowHubbard squash (winter squash), cooked<51/2 cup105Australian GIGF
LowGreen beans, tinned<51/2 cup85Australian GIGF
LowCarrots, cooked<51/2 cup80World average GIGF
LowSnap or sugar peas or mange-tout or peas in pod, raw <51/2 cup80Estimated GIGF
MediumBroad beans, frozen and microwaved<51/2 cup80Australian GIGF
MediumBeetroot, cooked <51 medium90Canadian GIGF
MediumMarog or imfino or wild spinach or beetroot leaves, cooked<101/2 cup110Wild SA spinachGF
HighGreen beans, with potato*<101/2 cup100Note the lower GL due to the green beansGF
HighTurnips, cooked <51/2 cup90Note the low GLGF
HighParsnips, cooked<201/2 cup90Canadian & Australian GI averageGF
HighPumpkin, cooked <51/2 cup105Note the low GLGF

Compiled by Liesbet Delport RD (SA) and Gabi Steenkamp RD (SA)


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