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BEVERAGES (excluding fruit juices)
GIName of product / foodGLUnitMass (g)Comments
FitFruit Pineapple Mint and all other flavours <5Low glycemic response; GIFSA Endorsed
Biozest energy management drink, all flavours<51 bottle330Low glycemic response; estimated GL; GIFSA Endorsed
Coca-Cola Lite or Zero or No Sugar<51 can330Low glycemic response; estimated GL
Cordial (fruit squash), sugar free<51 small glass rtd330Estimated GL
Footy’s (cool drink mix)<51 small glass rtd330Low glycemic response; GIFSA Endorsed
GlucaChol-22, all flavours +oat beta-glucan, @Life<515g + 250ml15Low glycemic response. Endorsed by Gi Foundation SA
Hot chocolate powder, skinny, Nomu, dry (or with water)<51 heaped tsp6Low glycemic reponse; GIFSA Endorsed
Iced tea, lite, lemon or peach, Lipton's<51 can330Low glycemic response
Slimsy Iced tea, peach or lemon, (50 ml concentrate in 200 ml water)<51 small glass rtd50Low glycemic response.
Mineral water, sparkling, peach or youngberry, aQuellé Lite<51 bottle500Low glycemic response; estimated GL
Seltzer Lite Spring water, sparkling, flavoured<51 bottle500Low glycemic response; GIFSA Endorsed
Tab, sugar free cola drink<51 can330Low glycemic response; estimated GL
Tropika Slenda (drink) all flavours<51 bottle425Low glycemic response; Endorsed by GI Foundation SA
LowRhodes Tomato juice (no salt added)<51 small glass250GIFSA Endorsed; estimated GI
LowMineral water, sparkling, flavoured, Pure Life, Nestlé<51 bottle500Average values
LowFrappe powder, Shloop, all flavours (50 g powder in 300 ml water)<51 tall glass rtd50
LowVitrace, energy drink, MRF<51 small glass rtd250Fructose based; only suitable before exercise
LowEnergade Champs sports drink<51 bottle300Tested by GI Science Lab; only for light activity
LowHot chocolate, skinny, Nomu, in skim milk <56g + 250ml256Calculated values
LowSoya milk (whole soya) with maltodextrin*<101 cup250Average values
LowSoya milk powder, low fat, (whole soya)*<101 cup250Tested by GI Science Lab
LowDanup multigrain blend with yoghurt, vanilla, banana, Danone<101 serving225GIFSA Endorsed; tested by GF Science Lab
LowMageu Number 1, plain<201 carton500Traditional lactobacillus fermented maize drink
LowJunglevite Juice<201 sml glass rtd250No more than 500 ml per day - high in fructose
LowMnandi Amahewu <201 carton500Traditional lactobacillus fermented maize drink
IntermediateCoca-Cola or Coke<201 can330Average Australian and USA GI
IntermediateCarbonated soft drinks, AVERAGE<301 can330World average GI
IntermediateCordial (fruit squash)<201 small glass rtd250Australian GI
IntermediateOrange squash, similar to SA Oros<201 sml glass / bottle rtd250Australian GI
HighFanta / Sprite <301 can330Australian GI
HighGame, sports or energy drink<401 bottle rtd500
HighRice milk<301 cup250Average GI
HighEnergade, sports or energy drink<401 bottle500
HighLucozade, sports or energy drink, original flavour<401 bottle300UK GI; not suitable for endurance sports
HighPowerade, sports or energy drink<401 bottle500

Get The South African Glycemic Index & Load Guide for comprehensive explanations, GI-lists, GL-values and the fibre, fat, protein and Kj-values.

A true Low GI food releases glucose slowly and steadily into the bloodstream without overstimulating the pancreas to produce too much insulin. A High GI food, on the other hand, causes a sudden, large increase in blood glucose, resulting to either hyperglycaemia in Diabetics or hypoglycaemia in hypoglycaemics. GI of Glucose = 100
One of the services that we render as the GI Foundation, is to determine the GI of food products. Food companies are welcome to contact us for more information.
The products marked by an * are high in fat.
GF – means gluten free.
GI Foundation SA Endorsed: The product comply with health specifications and are nutritious for healthy and diabetic persons.