Biscuits and Rusks

GIName of product / foodGLUnitMass (g)CommentsGF
LowSugalite muffin pre-mix*, baked, Huletts (10 muffins per packet)<101 muffin43
Low2asNice* low GI rusks<101 rusk30
LowBiscuits, apricot, low GI*, Thistlewood<101 biscuit30
LowBiscuits, cranberry, low GI*, Thistlewood<101 biscuit30Estimated GI
LowBiscuits, mixed berry, low GI*, Thistlewood<101 biscuit30Estimated GI
LowSugalite scone pre-mix, baked, Huletts (14 scones per packet)<201 scone43
LowPremium multigrain & raisin rusks, low GI, Bokomo<201 rusk30
LowRusks, low GI, high fibre, Bospoort<51 rusk16.5GIFSA Endorsed
IntermediateBran muffin, commercial**<201 medium65Austrlian GI; high fat
IntermediateMuesli lite rusks, Ouma<201 rusk30GIFSA Sometimes foods
IntermediateHealth muffin*<301 medium65Average values
IntermediateDigestive biscuits, whole wheat, Original, Bakers<101 biscuit11
IntermediateShortbread** <201 finger30High fat
IntermediateBanana bread*<201 slice50Estimated GI
IntermediateCroissant**<30160Canadian GI; high fat
IntermediateRaisin bread (cake)<20130Estimated GI
IntermediateCrumpet or flapjack or griddle cake (average)<10135
HighCupcakes, iced**<301 medium70Australian GI, high fat
HighJam doughnut**<301 doughnut60High fat
HighWaffles**<301 small waffle60High fat
HighWafer biscuit, plain<51 biscuit4Australian GI
HighCake, Swissroll, with jam<301 slice or 1 mini47
HighScone*, regular<201 scone50Estimated GI
HighBoudoir (finger) biscuits<51 biscuit6.25Estimated GI
HighMarie biscuits<51 biscuit5.6SA GI