Crackers and Savoury Baked Products

GIName of product / foodGLUnitMass (g)Comments
LowTortilla, wheat<10150Mexican GI
LowGlobal Wrapps* (no filling)<301 wrap90
LowProvita, original, multigrain<51 cracker6GIFSA Endorsed
LowProvita, original, whole wheat<51 cracker6GIFSA Endorsed
LowTortilla, corn or maize (wheat free)<20150Mexican GI GF
IntermediatePita bread <301 pita85Canadian GI
IntermediateCrackermates Lites, sesame and poppyseed<51 cracker5
IntermediateCrackermates Lites, whole wheat<5 1 cracker4.5
IntermediateChapatti, maize or corn<201 chapatti50Indian GI GF
IntermediateCrackerbread, rye, Bakers<51 cracker7.5
IntermediateRyvita<51 cracker9Australian GI
IntermediateCroissant**<30160Canadian GI; high fat
IntermediateCracker bread, wheat, Bakers<517.5
IntermediateTaco shell<5111.2Canadian GI GF
HighMelba toast<201 slice20Canadian GI
HighCracker bread, maize, Bakers<51 cracker7.5
HighSnackbread, whole wheat <51 cracker5.5Australian GI
HighCream Crackers<51 cracker6.9Estimated GI
HighRice cakes, plain<101 cracker8.85 GF
HighCorn Thins, plain, Real Foods<51 cracker6Australian GI GF