Crackers and Savoury Baked Products

GIName of product / foodGLUnitMass (g)Comments
LowTortilla, wheat<10150Mexican GI
LowGlobal Wrapps* (no filling)<301 wrap90
LowProvita, original, multigrain<51 cracker6GIFSA Endorsed
LowProvita, original, whole wheat<51 cracker6GIFSA Endorsed
LowTortilla, corn or maize (wheat free)<20150Mexican GI GF
IntermediatePita bread <301 pita85Canadian GI
IntermediateCrackermates Lites, sesame and poppyseed<51 cracker5
IntermediateCrackermates Lites, whole wheat<5 1 cracker4.5
IntermediateChapatti, maize or corn<201 chapatti50Indian GI GF
IntermediateCrackerbread, rye, Bakers<51 cracker7.5
IntermediateRyvita<51 cracker9Australian GI
IntermediateCroissant**<30160Canadian GI; high fat
IntermediateCracker bread, wheat, Bakers<517.5
IntermediateTaco shell<5111.2Canadian GI GF
HighMelba toast<201 slice20Canadian GI
HighCracker bread, maize, Bakers<51 cracker7.5
HighSnackbread, whole wheat <51 cracker5.5Australian GI
HighCream Crackers<51 cracker6.9Estimated GI
HighRice cakes, plain<101 cracker8.85 GF
HighCorn Thins, plain, Real Foods<51 cracker6Australian GI GF

Get The South African Glycemic Index & Load Guide for comprehensive explanations, GI-lists, GL-values and the fibre, fat, protein and Kj-values.

A true Low GI food releases glucose slowly and steadily into the bloodstream without overstimulating the pancreas to produce too much insulin. A High GI food, on the other hand, causes a sudden, large increase in blood glucose, resulting to either hyperglycaemia in Diabetics or hypoglycaemia in hypoglycaemics. GI of Glucose = 100
One of the services that we render as the GI Foundation, is to determine the GI of food products. Food companies are welcome to contact us for more information.
The products marked by an * are high in fat.
GF – means gluten free.
GI Foundation SA Endorsed: The product comply with health specifications and are nutritious for healthy and diabetic persons.

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