Flour Products

GIName of product / foodGLUnitMass (g)Comments
LowDigestive bran / wheat bran<51 cup44Minimal effect on glucose absorption
LowPsyllium husks (powder)<51 cup140Estimated GI GF
LowQuinoa bran<101 cup50Estimated GI GF
LowRice bran** <51 cup 40High fat GF
LowMesquite powder / flour<201 cup150Estimated GI from biscuits made with mesquite powder GF
LowSoya flour, full fat***<201 cup160French GI; high fat GF
LowSoya flour, lower fat**<201 cup160French GI; lower fat GF
LowChickpea flour (besan)**<401 cup160Estimated GI GF
LowSplit pea flour, pea flour, dhal or chana<301 cup160Estimated GI GF
Lowlow GI mixed cereals & legume flour*, Kwality Brands<401 cup160GI Foundation SA - Endorsed
LowOat bran, raw, Jungle or Pick 'n Pay or Simply Cereal<101/3 cup33
IntermediateOats, rolled, raw<201/3 cup30Australian GI; lower GI with milk
IntermediateSweet potato flour<401 cup150 GF
IntermediateRye flour<401 cup140GI based on that of wheat free rye bread
IntermediateBarley, rolled, raw<301/2 cup45Australian GI
IntermediateBarley flour<401 cup148Estimated GI from 100% barley flour bread
IntermediateBrown rice flour<401 cup120Estimated GI GF
IntermediateBuckwheat flour*<401 cup140Australian GI GF
IntermediateQuinoa flour**<401 cup140Estimated GI GF
HighMaizena or cornflour or corn starch <51 Tbs7Estimated GI, probably higher GF
HighMaizena or cornflour or corn starch <401 cup140Estimated GI, probably higher GF
HighNutty wheat flour / whole wheat flour<401 cup120Estimated GI, probably higher
HighBread flour <401 cup140GI based on that of average white bread
HighCake or wheat flour<401 cup140GI based on that of average white bread
HighTapioca flour<4051 cup170Estimated GI GF
HighRice flour<401 cup140Estimated GI GF
HighCrumbs, Kellogg's <102 level Tbs15GI based on Kellogg's Corn Flakes
HighPotato flour<401 cup140Montignac GI GF
HighPotato starch<401 cup160Montignac GI GF
HighSago flour<401 cup170Estimated GI GF
HighMillet flour*<401 cup140Estimated GI; very high GI GF

Get The South African Glycemic Index & Load Guide for comprehensive explanations, GI-lists, GL-values and the fibre, fat, protein and Kj-values.

A true Low GI food releases glucose slowly and steadily into the bloodstream without overstimulating the pancreas to produce too much insulin. A High GI food, on the other hand, causes a sudden, large increase in blood glucose, resulting to either hyperglycaemia in Diabetics or hypoglycaemia in hypoglycaemics. GI of Glucose = 100
One of the services that we render as the GI Foundation, is to determine the GI of food products. Food companies are welcome to contact us for more information.
The products marked by an * are high in fat.
GF – means gluten free.
GI Foundation SA Endorsed: The product comply with health specifications and are nutritious for healthy and diabetic persons.