Snacks and Sweets

GIName of product / foodGLUnitMass (g)Comments
LowNavin's Absolutely sugar free sweets, all flavours<53 sweets5GI Foundation SA - Endorsed, GF
LowPeanuts**<51/2 mini packet20High fat, mainly beneficial fats
LowCashews**<52 level Tbs18High fat, mainly beneficial fats
LowFutureLife Smartbar, high protein, Lite, p-butter, chocolate<51 bar40Tested by GI Science Lab
LowChocolate slab, sugar / sucrose free*<53 small blocks17High fat
LowNuts, mixed**<51/2 mini packet20Australlian GI; high fat, mainly beneficial fats
LowFutureLife Smartbar, high protein, p-butter, chocolate<51 bar50Tested by GI Science Lab
LowFruit Break bar, fruit & cereal bar, berry, Safari <101 bar35Tested by GI Science Lab
LowChocolate slab, milk / plain* <103 small blocks17High fat
LowDates, chocolate / yoghurt coated<10326Estimated GI GF
LowTurkish Delight, low GI, blackcurrant or cherry or rose, Yotti's<102 squares40GI Foundation SA - Endorsed, GF
LowCrisps / chips, potato** (similar to Simba, Willards)<101 packet30Australian GI, high fat
LowJust Popcorn, lower fat, popped<201.5 cups28GI Foundation SA - Endorsed, GF
LowPopcorn, homemade, popped<101.5 cups28Estimated GI GF
IntermediateJust Popcorn, lower fat, flavoured, popped<201.5 cups28Tested by GI Science Lab; GI Foundation SA Sometimes Foods
IntermediatePeanuts & raisins**<201 mini packet40High fat; lower fat alternative to nuts alone
IntermediateRacefood date & cranberry Farbar, Wedgewood<201 bar30Ideal for training
IntermediateCondensed milk, full cream<101 heaped tsp20Australian GI GF
IntermediateMarshmallows, plain<516Australian GI GF
IntermediateCarob (chocolate substitute)<103 small blocks17Calculated GI GF
IntermediateBar One* or Mars Bar*<201 small 30USA GI; high fat
HighLife Savers (sweets)<201/2 roll20Australian GI GF
HighCorn crisps ** (similar to SA Fritos)<201/2 packet25Average Australian & Canadian GI; high fat
HighSpecial K bar, red berry, choc chip, Kellogg's<201 bar21Tested by GI Science Lab
HighSuper C, gums<301/2 small packet38 GF
HighJelly beans<301/2 small packet38Australian GI GF
HighSuper C, sweets<201/2 roll201 sweet = GL of 2 GF
HighPretzels, baked, flavoured*<301 packet45Australian GI