Snacks and Sweets

GIName of product / foodGLUnitMass (g)Comments
LowNavin's Absolutely sugar free sweets, all flavours<53 sweets5GI Foundation SA - Endorsed, GF
LowPeanuts**<51/2 mini packet20High fat, mainly beneficial fats
LowCashews**<52 level Tbs18High fat, mainly beneficial fats
LowFutureLife Smartbar, high protein, Lite, p-butter, chocolate<51 bar40Tested by GI Science Lab
LowChocolate slab, sugar / sucrose free*<53 small blocks17High fat
LowNuts, mixed**<51/2 mini packet20Australlian GI; high fat, mainly beneficial fats
LowFutureLife Smartbar, high protein, p-butter, chocolate<51 bar50Tested by GI Science Lab
LowFruit Break bar, fruit & cereal bar, berry, Safari <101 bar35Tested by GI Science Lab
LowChocolate slab, milk / plain* <103 small blocks17High fat
LowDates, chocolate / yoghurt coated<10326Estimated GI GF
LowTurkish Delight, low GI, blackcurrant or cherry or rose, Yotti's<102 squares40GI Foundation SA - Endorsed, GF
LowCrisps / chips, potato** (similar to Simba, Willards)<101 packet30Australian GI, high fat
LowJust Popcorn, lower fat, popped<201.5 cups28GI Foundation SA - Endorsed, GF
LowPopcorn, homemade, popped<101.5 cups28Estimated GI GF
LowMontagu Low GI Dried Fruit MixGI Foundation SA - Endorsed
LowPadkos Plus Low GI Dried Fruit MixGI Foundation SA - Endorsed
IntermediateJust Popcorn, lower fat, flavoured, popped<201.5 cups28Tested by GI Science Lab; GI Foundation SA Sometimes Foods
IntermediatePeanuts & raisins**<201 mini packet40High fat; lower fat alternative to nuts alone
IntermediateRacefood date & cranberry Farbar, Wedgewood<201 bar30Ideal for training
IntermediateCondensed milk, full cream<101 heaped tsp20Australian GI GF
IntermediateMarshmallows, plain<516Australian GI GF
IntermediateCarob (chocolate substitute)<103 small blocks17Calculated GI GF
IntermediateBar One* or Mars Bar*<201 small 30USA GI; high fat
HighLife Savers (sweets)<201/2 roll20Australian GI GF
HighCorn crisps ** (similar to SA Fritos)<201/2 packet25Average Australian & Canadian GI; high fat
HighSpecial K bar, red berry, choc chip, Kellogg's<201 bar21Tested by GI Science Lab
HighSuper C, gums<301/2 small packet38 GF
HighJelly beans<301/2 small packet38Australian GI GF
HighSuper C, sweets<201/2 roll201 sweet = GL of 2 GF
HighPretzels, baked, flavoured*<301 packet45Australian GI

Get The South African Glycemic Index & Load Guide for comprehensive explanations, GI-lists, GL-values and the fibre, fat, protein and Kj-values.

A true Low GI food releases glucose slowly and steadily into the bloodstream without overstimulating the pancreas to produce too much insulin. A High GI food, on the other hand, causes a sudden, large increase in blood glucose, resulting to either hyperglycaemia in Diabetics or hypoglycaemia in hypoglycaemics. GI of Glucose = 100
One of the services that we render as the GI Foundation, is to determine the GI of food products. Food companies are welcome to contact us for more information.
The products marked by an * are high in fat.
GF – means gluten free.
GI Foundation SA Endorsed: The product comply with health specifications and are nutritious for healthy and diabetic persons.