Gluten Free Recipes for Sustained Energy

Gluten Free Recipes for Sustained Energy - e-book

THE e-BOOK of the popular Gluten Free Eating, Guide and Recipes is now available.

Authors’ foreword: Sharon’s story

After a holiday in October 2002, I became very ill, suffering from serious nausea (without vomiting), a bloated feeling and having almost constant abdominal pain. I never felt hungry, used to have migraines for days (unrelieved by painkillers), experienced heart palpitations and felt out of breath, tired and weak most of the time. I also suffered from insomnia, a lack of libido and severe anaemia.

Over a period of months I developed chronic malabsorption of nutrients, which resulted in my hair falling out and my nails breaking. Decreased bone density resulted in three broken bones in 18 months and as a result of the anaemia I went from normal vision to having to wear bifocals. Death seemed just beyond the horizon.

Being an experienced paramedic, I knew something was seriously wrong with my health, but neither I nor the eight specialists I consulted had a clue what was destroying my health. They simply prescribed more medication: 24 tablets per day to be precise. Only in June 2007 was I diagnosed correctly with gluten sensitivity or coeliac disease. By this time I was already suffering from intestinal malabsorption with anaemia and osteoporosis.

I consulted Liesbet about a gluten-free diet and she gave me a list of the foods I should avoid, what I could eat and a meal plan. After this my condition gradually started improving. With the gluten-free diet I experienced a surge in energy and wanted to do things again. I took up mountain biking and slowly started working again. Over the next year I developed many gluten-free recipes, as even the tiniest bit of gluten in food or drink brought most of my symptoms back again and it would take me a few days or sometimes even weeks to recover.

To my astonishment I found very few gluten free recipe books that contained tasty, easy-to-prepare recipes, using ingredients that were readily available. The decision to compile these recipes in this book was born out of the great benefit I gained from being able to prepare and eat gluten free, in a balanced way, and live an energetic and coeliac-symptom-free life.

This e-book will give you guidance on how to manage a gluten free way of cooking and eating.

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