SA Fat and Protein Guide

Only available as a PDF e-book

What happens to the fat that you put in your mouth? We all use fat for cooking and baking and we also know that it usually enhances the taste of food. But do we really need it and if we do, how much is good? Where does it go after digestion and does it have any significant function in your body or is the function of fat just to make us more cuddly?

What kind of food are the best protein sources? All of us enjoy a good braai, but we need to know whether we can stay healthy by sticking to steak and boerewors weekend after weekend. Fortunately there are other alternatives, as well like chicken and fish.

The authors, Nola Dippenaar and Liesbet Delport, have answered the above questions, and many more, in a way that is understandable to you the consumer. They discuss the types of fats and proteins we eat, their functions in our bodies and why we cannot do without them. Then they also guide you to the best sources and on how much you need. This book goes on to list the type and quantity of fat you will find in different foods.

Extensive information on the food products found on supermarket shelves and some restaurant menus are listed. Important information on protein, sodium and fibre content is also included. Life is all about making informed choices. The purpose of this book is to give you the facts that will enable you to make smart choices regarding your food intake.

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