Dear Liesbet and Gabi ( Authors of the GI KIT )

Since reading your book “Eat Smart and Stay Slim” the effects on my life have been so dramatic than I feel compelled to write to you both to attempt to express some measure of the gratitude I feel for what your efforts in writing have done.

My story will be one you have heard many times over but for me it is nothing short of a miracle. Aged 67 and married for 43 years, I have very few memories of ever feeling slim. Obesity was my despised companion, despite many efforts with all sorts of diets, all of which ended in failure and ultimately more weight. Last July a routine check up with my Dr resulted in a blood test which revealed I had developed Type 2 diabetes, my cholesterol was sky high and my blood pressure was unacceptable. (You know the story well!) Being a part time pharmacist at a local hospital, I am well acquainted with the high attendance at the weekly diabetic clinic and the knowledge that I could be joining their ranks was anathema to me.

Before commencing any treatment, my doctor decided to give me the chance and challenge of losing weight and he set me the goal of shedding 32Kgs. It seemed an impossible target and I hit a very low place in my life. A series of events led me to the GI Foundation website where I read of your book. Our local “Exclusive Books” was my next port of call and the rest is history! I have also purchased both your recipe books as well. At my last visit to the Dr in January, my goal weight registered on the scale for the first time in goodness knows how many years( I have since lost another 4kg as bonus ),my blood glucose level was 5.8, my cholesterol is back within normal limits and my blood pressure a remarkable 130/70. In terms of centimetres, I have shed about 30 round my hips giving me a new sort of clothing problem. My husband and I walk a minimum of 5km most mornings of the week and we are both enjoying the amazing benefit of excellent good health and invigorating well being. The only thing yet to be established and proved, is that I can remain at this weight for keeps. For the first time in my life, this seems to me to be not only possible but highly probable because the lower fat, low GI provides for a ‘normal’ life style. Who has ever before eaten pasta and mealies whilst on diet?

Now my hope and prayer is that I can spread this good news to the many who, as was the case with me, are ensnared by bad eating habits, low self esteem and the awful discomfort of bloated, disfigured bodies. My appearance is sufficient testimony to all who knew me before that something incredible has happened. Despite the new range of lines and wrinkles that are a consequence of weight loss at my age, I’m comforted with the knowledge that unlike diabetes, they are not life threatening!

A particular joy came a few weeks ago when I saw that the patients of the above mentioned diabetic clinic are now being issued with lists of low, medium and high glycemic foods. My experience is starting to have a wider effect.

There are really not enough words to adequately express my gratitude to you both. I pray that God will continue to use your gifts and talents to bring very good news and hope to so many, many people who desperately need to hear it. I certainly thank the Lord every day for what your writings have meant to me.

With every good wish. Very sincerely .

Medie Christie